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Approved contractor for Aviva Canada

Data Center

Prevent a Catastrophic Failure In Your Data Centre

A Data Center infrared inspection is intended to identify problems within electrical components and systems where heat could cause catastrophic failure or expensive maintenance. Because these infrared scans are non-evasive, normal operation does not have to be suspended to perform these inspections. The benefits of a data center thermal inspection include increased reliability, reduced maintenance expenses and the subsequent gains in productivity that come from avoiding system wide shutdowns.

Data Centres Generate Dangerous Amounts of Heat

Data centers generate heat that is released using fans or ventilation. A number of hidden issues can cause a threat to the entire system, which many of these issues are undetectable by the naked eye.

Infrared thermal inspections detect areas within electrical components and systems where heat buildup indicate a potential issue. Safe Imaging’s detailed inspections include a digital and/or hard copy report with photographs that identify these problem areas so they can be address before the system is compromised.

Emergency repairs can be quite expensive, but system-wide outage could interrupt your business for hours or even days. Reducing the threat of data center maintenance costs by identifying emerging problems in their infancy, not only saving you money but increases productivity and efficiency.

Common areas within a data center that can cause buildups of heat include:

  • loose connection
  • corrosion
  • misalignment of components
  • overloads

As a general rule of thumb, data center inspections should be performed as part of your general maintenance program. Annual scans may be suffice for a smaller operation, but larger businesses may want to schedule scans more frequently. The non-invasive nature of Infrared Thermography makes it possible to perform data Center inspection when it’s most convenient for you.