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Approved contractor for Aviva Canada

Approved contractor for Aviva Canada


Reduce Maintenance Costs

Infrared thermal imaging is a powerful inspection method to assist in the reduction of maintenance costs on mechanical equipment. This allows for easy locates of abnormal patterns of heat which is invisible to the naked eye. These abnormal patterns indicate faults, defects and inefficiencies within the equipment.

Thermal Image Your Equipment!

Mechanical thermal imaging covers a wide verity of equipment, everything from motors, pumps, compressors, and rotating equipment to steam traps, bearings and much more. Excessive temperatures can generate friction, cooling degradation, wear, misalignment, over or under lubrication and misuse.

These inspections are non-intrusive and non-destructive allowing for all inspections to be performed during normal operation, no shut downs are required.

Safe Imaging’s Thermal Inspections are the safest, non-intrusive and most cost effective way for identifying faults and overheated issues in mechanical equipment.