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Approved contractor for Aviva Canada

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A great majority of plants and commercial facilities still operate in a “run to failure” strategy. In this mode, no actions are taken until equipment and machinery have failed. The maintenance staff runs from one disaster to another causing Maintenance and production costs to be high.

With condition-based maintenance, repairs are scheduled when needed, not before and not when its too late. Early indication is key.

Thermal Inspections

Electrical thermal imagingA normal visual inspection of your facility may reveal some electrical problems, but by the time those problems are visible to the naked eye they most likely have already caused damage and costing you money and downtime. This is why Thermal Imaging is so critical. Safe Imaging will detect all anomalies that the naked eye cannot see, literally “seeing the invisible”.

Before an electrical problem turns critical Safe Imaging will find it so it can be addressed and avoiding costly downtime, equipment damage and potential safety risk.

Benefits of Thermal Inspections

  • Reduces unscheduled downtime
  • Increases equipment life & reliability
  • No service interruption during inspection
  • Lower repair cost and increased profits
  • Prevents catastrophic failures
  • Lower risk and improved safety
  • Lower insurance premiums due to reduced losses

DGA Dissolved Gas Analysis

DGA Dissolved Gas AnalysisDissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) is a powerful method of diagnosing faults in electrical transformers having oil as a conductor insulator. These oils are subject to electrical and thermal faults while the transformer is in operation. DGA provides critical information about the oil and is an excellent early indicator of future transformer failure.

DGA enables the detection of many problems such as contact arcing, dangerous high temperatures, internal sparking, aging insulation paper and many more. Each condition gives off its own gases which remain present in the oil. By identifying these gases, you will have advanced warnings of developing major faults.

When failures occur, they inevitably lead to high repair costs, long downtime and safety risks. By accurately monitoring the condition of the transformer oil, suddenly occurring faults can be discovered in time and outages will be avoided.

Advantages of DGA

  • Reliable information on the condition of the transformer
  • Timely recognition of faults and defects
  • Condition monitoring of new and repaired systems
  • Scope of planning and measures

Vibration Analysis

Man doing vibration analysis to a machineVibration analysis is a process of measuring
the vibration levels and frequencies in machinery then using that information to analysis how healthy these machines and their components are.

Anytime a piece of machinery is running, you have vibration. These unique vibrations are captured, patterns are identified and vibration peaks are used to determine the severity of the fault.

Some of the problems identified are Bearing failures, Mechanical looseness, Misalignment, Electrical motor faults, Bent shafts, Gearbox failure, Empty space or bubbles in pumps and critical speeds.

Benefits of Vibration Testing

  • Predictability. Allowing time to schedule repairs and acquire parts.
  • Safety. Taking faulty equipment off-line before a hazardous condition occurs.
  • Revenue. Incur fewer unexpected serious failures and extended life of equipment.
  • Peace of mind. Allowing proper maintenance scheduling, budgeting and productivity estimates.