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Building Science

All buildings can be quickly, safely and thoroughly scanned for identifying problem areas

The structures we live and work in are susceptible to Quality and performance problems during construction and maintenance that can impact performance and May, in some cases, render them dangerous. Regardless of the building type involved, infrared thermal imaging can provide remarkable non-destructive information about construction details and building performance.

These include validation of structural details, verification of energy performance (conduction and air leakage), location of moisture intrusion and the identification of structural and system degradation of roofs and facades.

Buildings of all sorts, from homes to factories to high rises can be troubled with problems related to design construction and maintenance that can be difficult to diagnose and resolve.

Some of the major problems found in buildings include:

  • Excessive energy use due to missing or damaged insulation
  • Moisture damage due to leaks or condensation
  • Ice damage to sloped roofs
  • Poor heating and cooling distribution or performance
  • Inadequate verification of construction details or structural performance
  • The Lamentations of facade materials
  • “Sick building syndrome” mould growth and other health-related issues

Reasons for Thermal Imaging

Very often most of these problems cannot be seen until after costly damage has been done.

A building’s “envelope” is the single most crucial element of any building. The envelope creates a separation between the interior and the exterior environments. All building envelopes must include a solid, well-formed structure, an air barrier, proper drainage and a solid thermal barrier. If any of these components fail or was not installed properly a wide range of damage can and will occur.

All buildings can be quickly, safely and thoroughly scanned for identifying these problem areas.

As a result of what seems like the never ending rising energy costs, building heat and cool efficiency is a huge concern.

Infrared Thermal Imaging is the only technology which is able to identify areas of these energy losses.