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Approved contractor for Aviva Canada

Approved contractor for Aviva Canada

Flat Roof

Infrared Roof Inspections only cost a fraction of the amount for a roof replacement

Safe Imaging will quickly and safely determine your flat roof systems integrity and the extent of damage caused by roof leaks. We can help Commercial and Facility building owners determine if an entire or partial roof needs replacing or if just patching will be sufficient, leading to longer roof life and higher cost savings.

A Great Number of Commercial Buildings have a Flat Roof System!

A great number of commercial buildings have a flat roof system, while there are a variety of flat roof coverings, they all have one thing in common, all flat roofs are susceptible to leaks.

Flat roofs are also very costly to replace. Water intrusion can lead to structural damage and eventually resulting in catastrophic failure.

The solution for reducing the costs associated with maintaining a flat roof is Infrared Thermal Imaging. Since areas with water and moisture have a higher thermal mass than dry areas, a trained certified Thermographer with a high resolution camera can locate the affected areas. When the wet areas are identified they will be marked to show where the repairs need to be made. By marking these wet areas directly on the roof, they can be seen by building owners, maintenance staff and roofing contractors after the survey has been performed.

Often we find that the Infrared Inspection shows it is not necessary to replace an entire roof and that only the few sections that are wet only need repairing.

Save Money!

Infrared Roof Inspections only cost a fraction of the amount for a roof replacement. At yearly intervals, these inspections offer a tremendous cost savings and will extend the life of the roof.