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Approved contractor for Aviva Canada

Approved contractor for Aviva Canada

In-floor Heat / Snow Melt

In floor heating and snow melt systems are utilized in many commercial and residential applications

In floor heat is becoming common in residential flooring and Commercial business owners are using it for ice and snow melting in parking lots, car washes, walkways, loading ramps and driveways.

Hidden Lines?

A big plus is that these lines are hidden from plain view. Since they are hidden, it is difficult to know where these lines are below the concrete surface, whether they are electric or liquid-filled. If these lines become damaged, broken or develop a leak, you will need to have an Infrared Thermal Inspection done to the area in order to make any repairs.

Infrared Thermal Imaging is used to inspect and verify in-floor heating and snow meat systems, ensuring proper operation of pipes and wires located beneath the floor. It can be used to check for cramps, breaks, leaks and post validation concerns, making all repairs quick, efficient and cost savings.

If you are looking to drill into the concrete surface, Safe Imaging will identify and mark out exactly where the lines are located.