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Approved contractor for Aviva Canada

Approved contractor for Aviva Canada


Keep your Building Insulated!

Insulation in a home or building is the primary line of defense against our harsh weather conditions. To effectively keep energy costs down you need minimum code, properly installed insulation to ensure a comfortable and safe environment all year long.

Beat Heating Costs!

Heating costs in the winter and cooling costs in the summer can be drastically reduced, providing that any necessary insulation improvement requirements are made. This is especially true in older buildings. We will locate all insulation voids, moisture intrusion, thermal bypasses and thermal bridges that are not visible to the naked eye, literally “seeing the invisible”

An Infrared Thermal Inspection is the most direct method available to inspect insulation specifications. Safe Imaging will locate heating and cooling losses in all Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Facility buildings with ease and pinpoint accuracy, improving energy efficiency and preventing unnecessarly high energy costs. Safe Imaging will also point out issues with attic insulation, humidity, air infiltration and defective thermal window glass.

Once any repairs or adjustments have been made, we can also verify with an after inspection. And investment that will generate savings!