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Approved contractor for Aviva Canada

Approved contractor for Aviva Canada

Solar Panel Systems

A Growing Industry Needs Maintenance

The Continuous growth of the solar industry brings an ever-expanding base of solar installations. While many solar panels are expected to provide a 20-year life span, this is often not the case without proper inspection and maintenance.

Spot The Development of Defects

Many solar panels may develop defects that can be easily fixed if detected early enough. An infrared thermal inspection within a solar panel system, identifies problem areas before they cause the failure to the entire system, which often results in costly repairs or expensive delays. These inspections are non-evasive and can be performed when it’s most convenient for you. Not only will you improve the overall reliability of your solar panel system, you will also benefit from reduced maintenance costs.

Common solar panel faults

  • Defective bypass diodes
  • Short Circuit and failing connections
  • Penetration of moisture and dirt
  • Cracked cells or glass cracks
  • Failed or disconnected modules
  • Mismatched panels with different capacities
  • Loose contacts
  • Wear and tear

For maximum power generation, system life and the best return on investment, every solar cell in a solar panel must be working properly. Safe Imaging will identify these malfunctioning panels quickly and safely, allowing the owner to replace or repair and continue to run the system at peak efficiency.